Super Blood Moon - Schwarzbeir

Altitude Brewing

Brewed under the lights of the lunar eclipse and blood moon of May '21. This is our entry into Dark Nights fest 2021. This Schwarzbier (black beer) is a dark German lager which takes the classic clean richness of the lager style and gives it a delicious twist with a dash of roast grains. Resulting in an opaque black beer with hints of coffee and caramel chocolate. We have kept ours as traditional as possible with imported German malts and hops. The result is a classic style that drinks like a munich lager with hints of the roast malts and spice from the hops. Rich yet easy drinking and finishing clean with a smooth bitterness.
    • ABV
    • 5.2%
    • Style
    • Other
    • Availability
    • Limited Edition
    • Flavour
    • Malty
ABS285 Super Blood Moon Tap Badge AW 01